Affiliate Programs at Pepperstone

At Pepperstone, we’re incredibly proud of our award-winning, superior customer service, and bring competitive pricing and premium products and trading platforms to our valued clients every day.

As part of our Affiliates Program, we offer one of the industry’s leading referral programs rewarding referrers with the opportunity to earn structured commissions when their referred client opens a Pepperstone trading account and becomes an active trader

This program is designed for bloggers, website owners, publishers and digital marketers looking to establish strong customer relationships.

  • Earn a fixed CPA reward per client referral while building potential customer connections
  • Intuitive tracking and cutting-edge marketing tools to maximize the effectiveness of your partner programs
  • Access tailored marketing assets that supports your platform and help you attract potential customers
  • Leverage the expertise of our global sales conversion specialists to enhance your customer relationships

Introducing Brokers

Earn competitive rebates on client referrals with our dedicated account managers helping you along the way.

Our Introducing Brokers program is designed to foster strong relationships with potential customers and help achieve your business goals.

Benefit from revenue sharing, designed for forex industry service providers.

  • Flexible, daily payouts
  • Unlock multi-level rebate tiers
  • Reap the benefits of rebates for clients who trade with us

MAM (Multi Account Manager)

Earn performance fees and commissions on managed accounts with our bespoke MAM/PAMM solutions.

Bespoke MAM/PAMM solutions suited to experienced and qualified asset managers.

  • Take advantage of streamlined onboarding processes
  • Customisable fee structures according to your business needs
  • Integrate our powerful MT5/MT4 platform into your operations