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Partners Marketing Guidelines

At Pepperstone, we value our relationships with our Partners. To ensure a productive and collaborative relationship, we've put together some guidelines for the use of our brand.

As a Pepperstone Partner, you're authorised to use our brand to promote our services, provided that you don't infringe on Pepperstone’s intellectual property rights, impersonate or misrepresent Pepperstone or cause confusion in the marketplace about your relationship with us.

In keeping with the above rules, Partners are not permitted to set up websites, domain names or social media profiles using any of our trademarks, or to actively bid on branded keywords such as “Pepperstone” or any similar variations.

Please also note that while we offer general market information and updates to our clients and Partners, Pepperstone isn't licensed to provide clients with personal trading advice. This includes information that takes into account their personal circumstances, financial situation or needs.

Partners are only permitted to use official Pepperstone marketing tools which have been provided via the 'Offers' section of the Pepperstone platform. Please ensure that your materials don't induce a consumer to acquire our products or services by representing that they'll receive a rebate, commission or other benefit (after the contract is made).

References to avoid

Please refrain from using the following in your advertising or marketing material:

  • any statement that there is little or no risk of the investor losing their principal or not being paid interest;
  • any open-ended promise about a benefit, if it is likely that circumstances will change so that the promise will become misleading;
  • statements that are materially false or materially misleading and are likely to induce a person to apply for the product;
  • conduct that is misleading or deceptive, or is likely to mislead or deceive;
  • any regulatory body’s logo or representation that the material/the advice/product/service is approved by a regulator;
  • definitive statements about possible outcomes or returns;
  • disproportionate prominence of benefits over risk in obtaining those benefits; or
  • conduct that is liable to mislead the public as to the nature, characteristics, suitability for their purpose of a financial product.

You should also avoid using the following words or statements: secure/secured, guaranteed, safe, first ranking, no fees, independent, impartial, unbiased, stockbroker, sharebroker, futures broker, insurance broker, insurance broking, general insurance broker, life insurance broker, free, gratis.

Benefits and Risks

It's important to provide a "balanced view" of a product and not over-emphasise the benefits of the investment without weighing up the risks. Any marketing material that you publish which promotes a product or a particular benefit of a product, should also contain a statement about the risks associated with obtaining the benefit or product. Where you make a promise about a benefit that's likely to change if the circumstances change, your material should include a prominent statement that circumstances may change. All marketing material must contain a sufficiently prominent risk warning/disclaimer that's consistent with the rest of the advertisement.

If the material is referring to past performance, please include the statement "Past performance does not guarantee future performance."

If the material is referring to prospective financial information, include the statement "The information is predictive in character; may be affected by inaccurate assumptions or by known or unknown risks and uncertainties; and may differ materially from results ultimately achieved". Prospective financial information means financial information based on assumptions about events that may occur in the future and possible action by the entity. Any prospective information should only be used if there are reasonable grounds to provide that information. If there are no reasonable grounds then using prospective information can be taken to be misleading.

Comparison between products

The compared products should have sufficiently similar features to make the comparison relevant and not misleading. When noting a feature of a product, the other key features, particularly risks and drawbacks, should be equally visible for the consumer. Any limitations of the comparison should be clearly disclosed, accurate and relevant. Comparisons of benefits and returns should be accurate, balanced, and have a reasonable basis.

Photographs, diagrams, images and examples

Images should be consistent with any qualifying statements in the material and should not contradict, detract, or reduce the prominence of qualifying statements. Where the material uses images which are associated with success, wealth, safety, or security, this should not distract from any contrasting message about risk or drawbacks of the product. Images should not misrepresent the nature or scale of the product or Pepperstone’s business. Where tables, diagrams, graphs, charts and maps are used, captions or keys that explain any assumptions should be included. Tables, diagrams, graphs, charts, and maps should be presented in the simplest way possible, providing clear assumptions and captions. Where tables, diagrams, graphs, charts, and maps are used, the source should be included or referenced.

Target Audience

Please consider the likely audience of the advertising material and ensure that the information provided is appropriate for that audience. The advertisement should not state or imply that a product is suitable for a particular class of consumers. Do not target people under the age of 18 years as Pepperstone cannot accept them as customers. An updated list of restricted countries can be found on the live account signup page.

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